External.conf not being loaded in 2023.1

I have been using an external.conf file for a long time to provide https access. (Enabling HTTPS for your Pi-hole Web Interface)
Looks like the changes around not overwriting the lighttpd conf files are making this file not be processed.

Since updating the contents of this file are not being processed and I can see that lighttpd is only listening on port 80 and http.

Reverting to 2022.12.1 and the front end is working via https again.

Checking lighttpd.conf in 2022.12.1 I see

# Add user chosen options held in external file
# This uses include_shell instead of an include wildcard for compatibility
include_shell "cat external.conf 2>/dev/null"

but that isn't there in 2023.1

The release notes do say all user config should be in external.conf (Pi-hole FTL v5.20.1, Web v5.18.1 and Core v5.15 released) so is there something I have missed with the change?

Somebody reported the same thing on Github earlier - it was an oversight in the documentation:

There is also now a note on the top of the Readme:



if you have any modifications for lighttpd via an external.conf file, this file now needs to be mapped into /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/whateverfile.conf instead

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