Export / Import "Local DNS Records"

Summary: Improve the import/export feature to record the local DNS records entered in via the webUI.

Background: I found v5 webUI now allows entry of the local DNS records. Great. However this is not exported and so lots of rework needed if moving to another machine. Seems to be a gap in the exporting settings function.

The export function does put out a copy of the /etc/hosts file --- that's handy for CLI folks but it doesn't have the webUI entries

This appears to be a duplicate of: Ability to export/import Local DNS configuration via Teleporter

Apologies - I did see that thread before and thought it was something different since it went from 'custom DNS' to discussion about syncing between pihole installations and so thought it was different from the 'local DNS' that is the webUI terminology.

Can close this thread then.

We renamed the function during the beta phase.