Export DHCP Settings


It would be nice to incorporate DHCP backup with the teleporter. What I mean by this, is the ability to backup your static DHCP leases, as well as the address pool and other settings in the admin GUI.


While I don’t think the static leases are backed-up, all of the other settings in the web interface are backed up as part of setupVars.conf


The other files that would be a helpful export with teleporter are /etc/hosts and /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf


I didnt find this to be the case - I was using Teleporter to migrate from a flaky NeoPi to a RaspberriPi and the DHCP settings (IE - enabled, range) were not imported. I’ll take a look at the exported file tonight and see if they’re there.


Correct, the setupVars settings are not reapplied, but they are backed up in the archive.