Experience with Pihole and Webmin?

Hello Everybody!

I just wanted to ask, if there is anybody out there who has some experience with Pihole on Ubuntu and have also installed Webmin.

Currently I have installed Pihole on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and I'm planning to install Webmin.
But I do not have much experience here and do not want to destroy the current environement.
I found some helpful manuals out there, where I could install webmin already very easy on a virtual machine. But this one was without a pihole installation.

So I wanted to ask you here, if maybe anybody else has some expierience with it and can share some best practices.

Thanks & Regards,

long time since i used webmin but it doesn't run on lighttpd which pi-hole does by default.
webmin also uses a different default port (10000 if i remember correctly) and pi-hole uses port 80 so i don't see why they can't happily run on the same system.

see here (for raspbian, should work on ubuntu). Been running it for years, no problems at all.

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wow, that sounds really good. Thanks for that manual! I think it will help :slight_smile:

just one question: I have already installed Pihole. Does this maybe get in conflict if I install webmin later?

don't know, never done that, but it shouldn't different port (10000).

I have both pihole and webmin running (baremetal, no docker container) on a Raspberry Pi 3B. It works fine. You access pihole interface via port 80 and webmin interface via port 10000; therefore no conflicts.

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