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first, I am not asking for help here. I am just going to describe why I am done with pihole. I tried not posting this and send a email instead but it bounced back, of course. This will probably be too sensitive for some so, just skip this if you dont care about feedback or are easily offended. This is my experience regardless. This came from my spam email and I am not even comming back anyways so ... whatever

I have to make sure you understand, I am patient and am researching everything before asking, all...the...time, since the beginning of the internet .... pretty much ...

I do donate to projects I use. freshtomato, linux distros, etc...

But after two years now.. at least... trying to setup pihole correctly, using only the most basic setup(s) one could think of ... I am still not able to set this up correctly.

weird behaviours just keep happening

  • Host names showing "unknown" even when pihole is the dhcp or not, whatever.
  • Query logs not working: one batch of query entries getting logged and then stops forever (aka there are items in the "queries.php" page but it never changes).
  • Or, just no internet ...
  • Or internet works but entries are all maked "rejected" even though there is no apparent problem when browsing online

... etc... I must have seen it all.

Also I must have read thousands of posts, guide, tutorial, threads .... to the noobest questions up to the craziest setups, even stuff I couldn't even begin to explain. Still, grinding and taking notes. Asking for help .... total blackhole.

I flashed every possible router firmwares available out there, to try to isolate issues..

I've been forcing myself to go through the documentation over and over again...

No matter what way I use to install and setup is just a nightmare. Dietpi, raspian, whatever...

Mostsly because there is no official reference for ALL POSSIBLE BASIC SCENARIO CONFIGURATION anywhere....

it's a mess to sort through all kinds of threads and look for those configs... trying to decipher whatever lazy language, opinions and ranting, or worst, just false info people put up... I could go on.

I mean, instead of making my head spin with never ending documention right off the bat, even stuff I will never truly understand... I sure would've like reading an updated section of this basic stuff.

I mean, how long have you been doing this for ? Aren't you tired of the endless "how do I do this" type of threads? Results are flooding my searches with post like that, going way back up until the beginning of time sigh ... and it's just a mix bag of pure confusion.

Clearly something is wrong and there is no way to justify not having a better guidance available by now. I just can't help to think it is on purpose and it will drive me insane if I don't stop and leave pihole for good.

So thanks for the "carrot at the end of the stick", but no thanks, you know. I gotta say I have paid my dues to this project, with my time/life already. Way too much actually. And for what,.. A will to look for an alternative, that's what. Not that I have been forced too, maybe. But at the same time I kinda was. Given the nature of this project it should be obvious and the reasons to use it .. whatever

All this to say, no way I can't ever feel like donating money..

Ok that's it. I don't even believe this message will ring any bells anywhere at this point, so this is all I will say. Just in case it might save someone else's skin later I guess. Because I know there are people who will never let you know how bad it really is. To try and avoid getting flammed or showered with excuses. It's a mess period.

Heck, it could help you getting more donations and maybe stop getting flooded by the same questions over and over ...

I regret every finding out about pihole. bye now

I will note that this is your only post in this forum, despite having an account here for the past nine months. You read 27 posts in that time (not thousands). We likely could have helped you had you asked us here.