Expand Search Patterns in query log

G'day All

Is it possible to add the ability to include regex pattern within the search input in the Query log webpage, it would help to narrow the search parameters to a give set of characters. Word or numerical search works to a point, but the result is just too broad in the output and wish to narrow the results to a specific results.

Thanks in advance.

Can you expand in more detail what you want to do?

Currently, if you have a query that is blocked by a regex blacklist entry, if you click on that regex link for that query row, you will be taken to that row of your adlist table, which will show you which regex did the blocking. I assume this is not what you want to do?

The PHP code used there makes only literal search.

Thanks for the info, shame really.

Did you know you can interact with the Query Log with your mouse? If you click a Type, Domain, Client, Status or Reply in the log, that column turns yellow and only other entries that match that same result are shown. And while those results are shown you can filter further within those results by typing into the search box. Click again to return to all results. The search box will also search by Type, Domain and Client. Here are some examples.

Click a domain to see just that domain

Click a client to show just that client, then filter those by a partial domain

Click client, then type, then reply, then filter those by partial domain

Enter a query type to show any results with just that type

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