Expand API



add the ability to check installed versions and list current version (like running pihole -v from the command prompt)

add the ability to check for updates


Do you mean simply returning if there are updates available based on comparing the installed to the current versions?


yes thats exactly what i mean


is this being worked on?


This feature has been implemented and will be available in the next release.

Check this PR:


i am talking about checking for updates via the API not the command line!


We haven’t planned on updating the PHP API to provide version information, but it is planned for the upcoming API which will power the new web interface.


is there a ETA on the new UI?


No official ETA, but I hope to get it at least in a beta state by the end of the year. Development is coming along, but we would like to have it have all or most of the features of the current web interface before fully releasing it.

You can see the new web interface here: https://github.com/pi-hole/web
And view a demo: http://web.pi-hole.io/


I actually coded this to about 90% before I got distracted. I’ll see if I can finish the code and test it this week but this isn’t a promise.


@C4Wiz See



Works great! i have implemented it into my bitbar plugin


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