ETA when importing backup?


When I imported only the lists (whitelists, blacklists, adlist) from one PH instance to another (each running on up-to-date Debian bullseye VM), it took minutes before the first text appeared in that "Output" pop-up window. It took some further minutes to complete the ask. Before - without any text and only the spinner turning - I thought that the process had stalled.

Would it be possible to add some information about the "estimated time of arrival" (ETA) or something like "list 8/10 imported" etc.?

Wishing all a good and peaceful weekend! :dove:

It should not take minutes to import. How many adlists and black/whitelisted items do you have?

@yubiuser Sorry for my late reply. There are n items in my lists:
Adlist: 20
Exact whitelist: 3
Regex whitelist: 374
Exact blacklist: 0
Regex blacklist: 17

Mhh, this should not take minutes.

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Someone should add the "implemented" tag when done, shouldn't someone? :thinking:
So everyone sees: it's done :smiling_face: