Error in setting up Speedport smart + Pihole + Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini

The issue I am facing:
I can't get the Speedport + Pihole and Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router as WiFi signal booster to work together.
I want the Pihole to act as DHCP server and filter the ads, also Telekom as modem only and the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router as Access Point. Is it possible???
I have Telekom connection in Germany (250/40 connection speed).

Details about my system:
Raspberry Pi 3B
Speedport Smart Router from Telekom
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router as signal booster, because in my new rented house in the sleeping room and in kitchen I am getting poor WiFi signal!!!
What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
I activated DHCP server on Pihole, tried to activate modem only function in Speedport router, but it didnt work. I had to reset the router. Now in Speedport I have switched off DHCP server and set a Static ip address of Pihole. once I connect Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router to Speedport, which mode I should choose for Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router? Is it normal mode or access point mode? in Xiaomi, I have installed Padawan firmware ( custom firmware) which also for DHCP function.

I want a suggestion on how to get all these 3 boxes to work nicely and without any problems.
I want the Speedport to function it's job, Pihole to block ads and act as DHCP server and the Xiaomi WiFi Router to boost the WiFi signal.

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance

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