Entity Relationship Diagram for Pihole

Hello everyone! I'm currently a student doing a network adblocker capstone project and our group using Pi Hole in our project. One of our requirements is to create an Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD) in our paper which we are currently figuring out. Can I ask for your ideas on what entities, attributes, and relationships should we use? Below is an example of it. Hope for your kind responses and thank you!


If I understand you correctly, you want us to write your paper for you?

Actually no. We have already started it and continuing it right now. We are currently working on that part.

There are dozens of packages out there that would generate an ERM from DDL.

As Pi-hole is open source, all of its DDL code can be found in Pi-hole's GitHub repositories.
I guess it would even be easier to extract the database schema from live Pi-hole databases (e.g. by statements like pihole-FTL sqlite3 /etc/pihole/gravity.db ".schema" ).

Then run your favourite database modeling tool over it to generate an Entity Relationship Model.

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