Elasticsearch and Kibana


Going on a limb here, any chance of having elasticsearch and Kibana etc to this great tool as a investigating tool and additional visualization etc…tks for your time.


Are you asking for something like a Prometheus exporter or a LogBeat? Or an actual ELK stack on a Raspberry Pi?



Thanks Dan didn’t see this one on the blog page, much appreciated.


this is what I’ve done so far (but without the link dan posted). pm me if you are interested in any details.


Nice but here is a curve ball from a security aspect of DNS and the security, example malicious ones and its covert aftermath of DNS activity with connection to other ports in order to complete a compromise connection like a trace or graphical representation.

Prdtn I like the work.



sorry, didnt get what you want to say - could you please rephrase your last post a bit :smiley: