Edit /etc/pihole/local.list through the web interface


I’ve been creating domains for my local devices with /etc/pihole/local.list. I’d like to edit that through the web interface.


Please expand on this. You can already do something similar with the Pi-hole DHCP server (define host names).


A list of hosts. I use my router for DHCP. It doesn’t seem to allow me to set a DHCP host.


Hi, without using pi-hole dhcp server it would be cool to add local host names in /etc/pihole/local.list but this file is erased and re-written on each run of pihole -g, i.e. at least once per week.
see : HOWTO: Using pi-hole as LAN DNS server


Edit /etc/hosts instead.


/etc/hosts is local to my pi hole host. I need a name known on my local network


You can edit Pi-hole’s hosts file and the records will be used with Dnsmasq.


It works. Thank you !