Doubt with DNS-Over-HTTPS

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I've read some threads in the forum about DNS-Over-HTTPS, and I've a doubt. When it's configured, does the Pi-hole still log the queries likewise?

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You have to verify that your browsers do not enable DoH.

DNS employs port 53, while DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) makes use of the HTTPS port 443.
As any DNS resolver, Pi-hole is listening on port 53.

Consequently, a browser requesting domain resolution via DoH will by-pass Pi-hole.

Mozilla based browsers like Firefox can query a canary domain to determine whether they should use DoH, unless they are manually configured to enforce DoH.

By default, Pi-hole will signal such a browser to not enable DoH by answering requests for the canary domain with NXDOMAIN.

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Ok, if I understand correctly, in addition to configure the DoH on the Pi-hole, I have to disable this feature in my web browsers.

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There is no DoH configuration in Pi-hole, only the Mozilla canary domain option.

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Yes, I know this, for configuring DoH I understand that I must follow the documentation.

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