Don't know if I'm doing it right (Pi-hole Installation)

For days I was having a hard time installing Pi-hole. I now have finally installed it now in my Debian 9 using Hyper-V in Windows 10.
I could not complete the installation if I set network interfaces to auto eth0 inet static. I was getting this error:
Cloning into /var/www/html/admin.
Unable to clone repository,please contact support
So I changed to:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Does having inet dhcp affect anything? My connection shows "Ethernet Network" and "device not managed". But I can browse the internet with no issues.
I have changed router's DNS settings to include Pi-hole as primary. I'll let know how things are once I restart.
However, the status says "DNS service not running". And I can't seem to login with the auto-generated admin password.

Ok I restarted the router. Now I can't reach on Debian or in Windows. Terminal says:
netstat command not found
DNS service is not running

Let me edit the network interface to static and see what happens.

Still I can't access but can visit websites. What might be wrong here?

Ok I now installed net-tools and status output is : DNS is service is running and Pi-hole blocking is Enabled.
But still I can't access it. I again assigned static IP, changed to iface eth0 inet static . Nothing happens. Now, Iam lost. Please see the screenshot. It's running, but I just can't access. See log at

How are you accessing the Chronometer output? It appears that your Pi-hole has IPv6 network access, but not IPv4. Why did you try setting an IP before running Pi-hole's install? Pi-hole will set that up automatically.

No IPv4? Maybe I'll post a new screenshot. I accessed the output by the "pihole -c" command in Debian 9. I tried setting up an IP prior to installation because I did not know there was an option later. I was following the steps at arstechnica. But I met with errors along the way and then I followed steps from this YouTube video. Oddly Pi-hole is installed where Downloads, Pictures, Music and so are.
Look at the new screenshot: Capture

So, you are able to access the Pi-hole? What is the issue then?

Well, there are no issue per se. I can now access pihole. You can close this thread and follow me at my other thread here.