Domain whitelisting for individual computers


is there a way to whitlist domains only for individual computers on a network?

If a computer in my network calls a domain that is blocked by pi-hole, I have two options to solve that problem.

  1. I have to whitelist the domain. But then it will be accessible to all computers in my network.
  2. I can assign a different DNS server to individual computers. But then nothing is blocked for these computers.



As you noted, whitelisting is global, for all clients using the Pi-Hole.

A third option is to have an additional Pi-Hole (on a Pi, VM, etc) and put a subset of computers on that. You can tailor the blocking to those computers.

At home, I have a Pi-Hole that serves my wife’s devices and it has blocklists and whitelists that work for her. My computers are on a different Pi-Hole with different lists and options.

If you are dealing with just a few domains, you could put the IP addresses in the /etc/hosts file on the client computer, and they would resolve locally before going to the Pi-Hole.


Thank you for your reply. Your idea is very good. But I do not want to work with multiple instances of pi-hole at the same time. This increases the dependencies unnecessarily and makes my job as an admin harder. I had hoped for an easy solution. If there are no other solutions, I’ll start a feature quest. Maybe that’s a function that others would like to have. Thank you for the great support and the ingenious program.


Such a feature request appears to have been submitted:


great. Then I do not need to write a request anymore. But I do not understand what happened to it. He is closed and I can not vote for it. However, the problem was not solved in the current pi-hole version. How was the problem solved? Is the only solution still to use multiple pi-hole instances?
Many Greetings

PS: I hope my english is good enough. Unfortunately, I have to use Google Translator.:smirk:


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