DoH frontend solution

I'm reading of existing solutions, other than pihole, that allow the use of DoH in the network, yet still keep the functionality (ad blocking), e.g.
DoH client -> local DoH server -> add block solution (preferred pihole) -> resolver solution (unbound, cloudflared, dnscrypt-proxy, ISP, …)

The developers have since long recommended unbound as the solution to use as the backend for pihole, I wonder if they have a solution for a DoH frontend, so that the pihole device can handle requests on both port 53 (pihole-FTL) and 443 (DoH frontend).

Since DoH is here to stay, and support for it is growing rapidly, I think it's wise to think ahead, and implement such a solution, this to be ready when new DoH implementations will complicate things. For example, I'm reading windows 10 will have DoH support in the future.

Users are welcome to comment, however, I'm looking for a developer recommended (and documented - see the unbound doc) solution, that will integrate seamlesly with pihole.

If we're prepared, we can avoid emergency releases, such as pihole v4.4.

Really hope we can have a serious discussion, this to select a solution, suitable for all.

I am more looking for Ubound doing all that.

Unbounds accept the resolve request and if not internal present in Ubound it is given to Pihole.

Pihole looks if it is internal present and if not it is sent back to unbound and treated differently as a client because the request comes from a different network range (view).

The resolve returns to Unbound, Pihole, Unbound and then the client.