Does the 2019 Amazon FireTV Stick 4k bypass Pi hole?

I have been using Pi hole for a while, in combination with a 2017 Amazon FireTV stick. I was able to block content to that FireTV stick just fine, to the best of my knowledge. E.g. I was blocking the Alexa voice assistant from connecting to the web successfully

I recently upgraded to a 2019 FireTV 4k stick.

I tried to block all kinds of URLs coming from the FireTV stick, and they do show as blocked in the PiHole UI. FireTV is still establishing a connection to the URL, at least in many cases.

It seems that blocking no longer works effectively, and I was wondering if anyone has had similar experience. My suspicion is that the new FireTV has a backup DNS server in its settings that it uses when connections don’t come through. Any thoughts or ideas?


Debug Token:

Are you seeing queries for thos domains in the Pi-Hole logs? Try this to see if Pi-Hole is seeing the traffic from the FireStick.

Turn off Firestick

Tail pihole.log with pihole -t from the terminal

Turn on Firestick. You should see a burst of activity from that device.

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