Documentary: The Social Dilemna - How "social media" has influenced world-wide politics and data privacy invasion

If you do not have a fb account, or are not actively signed in (shouldn't matter or be allowed even if you are), on ANY website with a blue fb button, fb can track you accross any of the websites that have the same fb buttons.

If you never sign up for an account, without your permission or knowledge, you are being tracked by a huge company.

Tjis doc will open your eyes to just how insane this is.

Great topic for the Privacy forums. Not a Pi-hole issue or topic.

Well, I disagree 100%. Ads target us, and people wanting to block these ads may be unaware of how big this issue is, so I strongly believe that providing a bit of extra background on what these ads are doing, is helpful to anyone remotely interested in this software.

I think it's related to the underlying reason that someone would want to run an adblocker 100%. If it bothers you that much, just move this to off-topic, but I disagree that it is.

It's already there.

I guess it really makes no difference where the post is, I assume most people just view latest posts as there isn't quite that many every week, cool ads.

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