Docker Swarm and Client Count Issues


Hi, I have been using Pihole on Docker with great success for about 6 months and decided to graduate to swarms. Pihole is my first attempt.

I have successfully created a service/swarm and the two containers are working as expected in relation to providing DNS to the network, fail over etc.

One difference now on the Pihole GUI is the “clients” are only showing as “2” (localhost and any other device does not even show up as an IP address. I have at least 34 devices on my network when viewed with the standard Docker setup so this is purely a swarm issue that I have probably created.
I suspect that the swarm is NATing the real network addresses in some way so they only appear from that one IP.
Can anyone provide a clue as to why this might be the case and how to resolve it?

Here is my run command:
docker service create --name pihole
–dns= --dns=
-p 53:53/udp
-p 443:443/tcp
-p 53:53/tcp
-p 32774:80/tcp
–mount type=volume,src=pihole,dst=/etc/pihole
–mount type=volume,src=dnsmasq.d,dst=/etc/dnsmasq.d
–replicas 2
–env TZ=Australia/Melbourne
–env ServerIP=
–env DNS1=
–env DNS2=
–env WEBPASSWORD=pihole
–env IPv6=False
–mode replicated



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