Dnsmasq fails on Pi-hole 3.3

Looks like only the latest

Okay, sudo git fetch --tags and then check and see if v3.2.1 is listed, then try the original checkout process.


That is what I needed; thanks for the help!!!

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sudo git fetch --tags before the git checkout does solve the problem for me, thank you :smiley:

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LOL Great Job....

After Update to 3.3 nothing is working more and i have reactivate another DHCP Server and waste time for upload a older Backup of Pi-System.

Our apologies. We are currently working through some of these issues. In the meantime, if you need to revert to the previous version, we posted instructions on how to do this:


Dnsmasq Version 2.62

You'll have to help us out a little more than just a report of nothing working, a little more detail or a debug token can go a long way.

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I am very sad and cry but i am happy too that you and your friends help together to solve problem.

Thank you, but to help you solve your problem we will need some more detail.

I have a old Banana Pi with Whessly or something. It is old and Dnsmasq Version is 2.62

I have run Pi-hole long time and all wonderfull but after update to 3.3 no working. It say something like FTI no update more and DNS not answer. Someone write it help remove tdi folder and load new but not help. Try repair and status was more red. Then i use uninstall and install it again but nothing working no webserver. I pray to Jesus and he say make a fresh new install. i put out SD Card and upload and update Whessly and now i have to google how i can install old version and not new one. Current no Pi-Hole is installed and i belive when i use the normal script it install the wrong 3.3

The current version of Debian/Raspbian is Stretch (9), the previous stable version is Jessie (8). Wheezy is version 7 and has been discontinued and not supported for quite a while. We do not support Wheezy as it no longer gets any updates and has possible security issues.

Wheezy was termed End Of Life on April 26, 2016.

Oh yes, apt-get update and apt-get upgrade install every month some updates... today somethink with exim4

I need the i2C Bus for hardware clock and the newer images like armbian dont work i2C. And it was very hard to set up all is working. OK then i have to say bye bye to Pi-Hole. See you in future when i have money to buy more powerfull ARM Computer with better hardware and Hardwareclock and not that Banana Pi M2 what is not much fun.

New pihole release does not work unfortunately. I can still access pihole on the new release but DNS is broken

I downgraded to the previous release as per instructions above.

cd /etc/.pihole
sudo git checkout v3.2.1
cd /var/www/html/admin
sudo git checkout v3.2.1
pihole -r

And it seems to have no more DNS issues but pihole is no longer logging any queries etc.

Pi-hole Version vDev (HEAD, v3.2.1-0-ge602008) Web Interface Version vDev (HEAD, v3.2.1-0-g31dddd8) FTL Version vDev (v3.0 , v3.0 )

What can I do to get pihole fully functional. Should I install ubuntu on my raspberry pi and try that so 3.3 works or what have people been doing ?

P.S. When you run command:

pihole checkout ftl v2.13.2
this is stated:
Please note that changing branches severely alters your Pi-hole subsystems
** Features that work on the master branch, may not on a development branch**
** This feature is NOT supported unless a Pi-hole developer explicitly asks!**
** Have you read and understood this? [y/N]**

Will this break things more?


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This is a message we deliver as part of the checkout process since it's normal purpose is for checking out new features/fixes that are in development. In this instance, you are simply using it to revert to a known good version.

OK thanks. I will run that.
So moving forward, I am trying to get pihole logging my queries on the interface etc again. I wish I didn't upgrade, so I am trying to revert so the dev team has some time to look into some fixes.

Am I doing this correctly to band-aid my situation for now, or are their any recommendations, perhaps something I am missing ?

EDIT: ha it was the FTL version that was preventing staus and logs, etc.

Thank you so much for clarifying ! I love pihole such a great application !

Pondering now if I make a new fresh image on a unbuntu build for my pi3, since it will support things rasbarian does not

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thank you sir...revert back and its ok now...

Just chiming in to say I had the same problem as everyone else here. Wish I'd found this post before spending two hours banging my head on the wall.

Downgrading to the previous version immediately fixed the issue.


This fixed it for me as well. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.5 and dnsmasq v2.68.

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