DNS settings PER IP-adres

How cool would it be if you could direct a certain IP to another secondary DNS
So 1 ip goes to Norton

so different DNS For different IP’s

You mean as per “different upstream DNS servers for different clients”? That is out-of-scope since we cannot provide per-client based setups.

While out of scope, you can still do it on your own, via dnsmasq, if you use dnsmasq for dhcp. Create a virtual interface and assign a seperate IP to it. Adjust dnsmasq configuration file to handle dhcp. Create a tag like “kiddos” that gives the your virtual ip for dns. This tag can be based on subnet, ip range, mac, etc… use a secondary dns configuration that looks at openDNS for upstream. Fire up a second dnsmasq daemon, and make sure you use the bind-interface directive. If you code a startup for init.d to fire up the second dnsmasq, let me know, mine is pretty duct-tape-ish

Note that this is not officially supported by our installer/updater process. Hence, updating Pi-hole might break your custom configuration. You have to agree on (maybe) having to restore a complex configuration from time to time.

Since I use SmartDNS for my TV and FireTVs to access Zattoo in Swiss (I am German) I started using the following settings in DNSmasq (/etc/dnsmasq.conf):

dhcp-host=-MAC-Address-,set:smartdns #TV
dhcp-host=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx,set:smartdns #TV
dhcp-host=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx,set:smartdns #FireTV
dhcp-host=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx,set:smartdns #FireTV
dhcp-host=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx,set:smartdns #FireTVStick



Doing so, all clients above and in IP range to use SmartDNS, the rest is using the defined DNS in pi-hole.

It is not perfect but it it works. To see this is out-of-scope is very sad because you see, it is very easy to implement into DNSmasq.