DNS Settings on the router?


On my router there are two areas to set the DNS. One is under LAN settings and the other is under WAN settings. According to your instructions:

…“Log into your router’s configuration page and find the DHCP/DNS settings . Note: make sure you adjust this setting under your LAN settings and not the WAN.”

What do I do with the WAN DNS setting?
Connect to DNS Server automatically. It is current set to “Yes”

Here’s where it gets a bit confusing. I checked the DNS settings on my computer and it shows 2 DNS entries. One is the IP address of the pihole and the other is the router IP address. Shouldn’t it only be showing the pihole IP?

Will leaving the WAN setting “Yes” use my ISP DNS also? If I set it to “No” is displays a field for me to enter the DNS IP. Should I do this, but leave it blank or enter the pihole IP?

I want to completely remove my ISP DNS servers from being used and only use the pihole.

Some pics to illustrate here: https://app.box.com/s/je6fh3v7i8nrlu6h6x3efa1kjzn69glx

Thank you.



WAN DNS is the DNS used by the router, and normally does not need to be modified.



If you want that Pi-hole isused instead of the DNS of the ISP then you should enter the IP of pi-hole and when there are two field then in both thesame IP address.


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