DNS service keeps crashing...

Run pihole -up to update to the latest, then verify that the problem still exists before reporting it.

root@dastools:/home/dastoolsuser# pihole -up
[i] Checking for updates...
[i] Pi-hole Core: up to date
[i] Web Interface: up to date
[i] FTL: up to date
[i] Warning: You are using FTL from a custom branch (release/v5.0) and might be missing future releases.

[✓] Everything is up to date!

Problem with Beta 5.0:
I performed the stable install as root using:

curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash

I upgraded to the beta 5 using instruction from this page:

Announcing a Beta test of Pi-hole 5.0! – Pi-hole

echo "release/v5.0" | sudo tee /etc/pihole/ftlbranch
pihole checkout core release/v5.0
pihole checkout web release/v5.0

Issue: DNS service keeps stopping. I can restart it for a short while, but it will eventually crash again. Usually within a few minutes.

This is a new install, on a new system. It appears that up until today/yesterday the beta 5 was working fine. It was originally running in a Docker container, but there must have been an update to the image that pulled a new release and broke things. I spent a good amount of time today trying to resolve the issues with the Docker container and gave up. I removed the container, and performed the install on bare metal as indicated above.

HELP!! I really need the custom DNS that the beta 5 provides.

Debug Token:

This may be similar to this issue being investigated:

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I believe that you are correct.

Patiently waiting.

set MAXDBDAYS to 0 until this is fixed... you won't get long time logging... but at least it will keep dns resolver from crashing all the time.

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