DNS Routing | True DNS Server

Could we add a feature that would allow you to route the DNS query's upstream based on a list of domains? In my current configuration, I have to leap frog up a chain of local DNS servers in the environment (for caching servers) before getting to my final hop of the PiHole before leaving the LAN?

Example network:

ISP < Home Router (Integrated DNS / Designated ISP DNS servers) < PiHole < SteamCache-DNS < Other Custom Cache DNS < LAN

From the LAN, (DHCP from Router or PiHole) DHCP serves the DNS IP of my Custom Cache DNS Server and a secondary of the router itself. Then my CustomCache Upstream connects to SteamCache, the upstream connects to PiHole. (This list is actually way more sophisticated and runs through multiple LAN's and other DNS servers before actually exiting over a dual homed network.)

If instead, I could use PiHole as the main DNS, but have a list of domains be routed to other domain servers on the LAN, the network DNS response times would be much faster.
I know that you can specify a custom list of DNS servers in PiHole, but there is no way to route your requests based on which domain names are being requested natively.

In short, rather than having a train of hops for all DNS requests. To have more of a hub and spoke design with the hub being PiHole.
Hope this isn't too confusing.


Closing as duplicate in favor of

as both request different upstream DNS servers based on a list of domains.