DNS resolution issues- non-blocked sites

Hey everyone,

Forgive the newness- I've only been working with Pi-hole for a short time. I currently have it set up as a resolver over a cloud based server (AWS, running the latest Ubuntu), and configured on my smartphone, tablet, and laptop (so I can use it alongside my VPN in multiple locations).

At first, everything seemed to work pretty swell, but as I added more blocklist subscriptions to it, performance seems to be destabilizing. Pages that are not a part of any blocklist are now suddenly being blocked for no reason, I have temporary outages (which i've managed to work around in the meantime by setting up several upstream DNS servers instead of just Google's), and I will have certain pages load some elements, but fail in downloading CSS layouts or buttons.

As I have a tonne of blocklists added (covering 1.6 million blocked domains), I have at least 6-8 devices at any given time asking requests from it, and my CPU/RAM usage seems to be low, I'm wondering if the server is struggling with searching through its database (and the requests are timing out/failing as a result).

Thoughts anyone? Suggestions?

Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

The token is qrmkcibgkf! .

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