DNS Question - only getting IP addresses and not all equip is pointing to pi-hole


In my mind, I'm being quite confused about how all this hangs together - so apologies in advance!
I think it should be possible for each piece of equipment to show it's own IP address and/or hostname in the pi-hole log (top clients area for example), as pihole is queried.


Behind the Google wifi puck router then there's a number of bits of equipment approx 10. Ideally, I'd like them all to be listed separately in my client's log, so I can ultimately determine which bit of equipment is making specific DNS requests.

Actual Behaviour:

At the moment then I only have 4 clients showing up in the pi-hole admin screen as making distinct DNS calls to my pi-hole:

  1. My virgin media modem
  2. My google wi-fi puck router
  3. My mac laptop
  4. localhost

Obviously, I would like there to be 10-15 different IP addresses showing (currently it only shows IP address) and secondly, I'd like my equipment's hostname to be showing if at all possible rather than just IP address. What do I need to change to make this happen, please?

Debug Token:


Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Some routers will route DNS traffic to Pi-Hole in such a way that all the traffic appears to be coming from the router, and not the indivbidual clients. The Pi-Hole DNS should be given out by the router during the DHCP assignment - check your router settings to determine whether it is set up that way.

An alternative that should resolve the problem is to use the Pi-Hole as DHCP. In this setup, Pi-Hole provides IP addresses and assigns itself as DNS server, and you should then see the individual clients. If the names don't map correctly to what you want to see in the Pi-Hole query logs and other statistics, you can map IP's to plain-text names in the /etc/hosts file on the Pi.

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