The issue I am facing:
Have been pulling hair trying to get this issue solved.
At random times I will get DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE when trying to connect to all websites, local domains and addresses still work, this also happens when downloading as I have recently setup qbittorent for managing files, when downloading through that the pi just drops entirely.

Details about my system:
Raspberry pi 5 8GB 4 core running ubuntu 24.04 LTS
pihole running with unbound using docker and docker compose to manage containers
using portainer to just have a visual overview of containers

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
Apart from running a few extra services, this has been an issue since having pihole on a previous pi4 and the same issue persisting through to the pi 5 through multiple installs.

any help would be greatly appreciated as it is driving me insane

Self reply and possibly a close to the thread, Per my install and probably alot of others, the eth0 interface was not enabled which resulted in the pi 5 coming to a crawl because it was only using wifi.

just incase anyone ever comes across this issue due to the setup, the possible fix was adding

     version: 2       
             dhcp4: true
             optional: true

to this file