DNS or DHCP on Google Wifi

I am new to raspberry pi. I just set up pi-hole this morning. I currently have the pi-hole IP address set as both the 1) DNS Primary server and 2) LAN DHCP Address Pool Starting IP and Ending IP.

Should I have this set up for both? I added the DNS Primary server when I saw that some adds weren't being blocked. This is with the Google Wifi as my router.

The Pi-hole should be the only DNS server listed in the DHCP DNS settings, so it appears you have (1) correct.

As for (2), the DHCP range on the DHCP server should encompass all the IP addresses you want to use on your network, and is not limited to the IP of the Pi-hole.

A typical setup might look like this.

Router at
Pi-hole at

Router DNS in the DHCP setting set to

DHCP address range -

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