DNS Masq Warning Help Needed

Expected Behaviour:

Good morning, please see below. My Pi-Hole server setup has been running flawlessly until the below issue started occurring.

Actual Behaviour:

PI-Hole server is generating constant error message due to DNSMASQ warning issue with local ip address Name exists in /etc/hosts the error message warns me, but I'm unsure of the correct method to fix. Debug token is below. Appreciate any guidance thank you!

Debug Token:


[2022-01-24 10:31:31.883 596M] WARNING in dnsmasq core: not giving name localhost to the DHCP lease of because the name exists in /etc/hosts with address

The warnings have always existed in /var/log/pihole.log. A change to Pi-hole made them more visible by also printing them into /var/log/pihole-FTL.log and showing them on the dashboard.


Brief documentation for these warning can be found here:


If HOSTNAME is known through a HOSTS file or config (see SOURCE ) and the DHCP address ADDRESS does not match the address in the cache ( CACHE_ADDR ), dnsmasq prevents giving the name to a DHCP client. This prevents possible hostname hijacking by malicious devices.

You can assign a different name to that device.

Thank you JFB for that information that does help. After some more sleuthing it appears on my local network is our Samsung TV in our living room that is hard-wired. Not sure why it would be trying to create a localhost!?! Went ahead and connected it wirelessly and gave it a new IP address and will see if the behavior continues. Not 100% otherwise the best course of action, but thanks again for your help!

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