DNS does not work from my router

Expected Behaviour:

Pi-Hole installed on Raspberry PI, available on IP address should work as my local network primary DNS to block blacklisted domains.

Actual Behaviour:

My router is on
My Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole installed is on

I set as the primary DNS on the router.

Now, on my computer ( I test a domain that should be blocked.

  1. Using raspberry pi as NS:
dig @ pewnyzabieg.pl

pewnyzabieg.pl.         2       IN      A

it's ok, resolved as so I assume blocking works

  1. Using my router as NS:
dig @ pewnyzabieg.pl
pewnyzabieg.pl.         20327   IN      A

it's incorrect because it resolved the domain name to its real IP address, not blocked.

Let's check the router logs:

  • No reply from for pewnyzabieg.pl, now asking
  • Resolved UDP query for pewnyzabieg.pl via

So, domain was not resolved my Pi-Hole and the secondary DNS has been used.
What did I do wrong, that the Pi-Hole works fine from my computer, but does not resolve domains when asked from my router?

Debug Token:

[✓] Your debug token is: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/nrb41eGa/

Additional information.
I observe Pi-Hole logs with pihole -t and there is no log when I try to resolve the host via my router and it works fine when I send the request directly to the raspberry pi machine.

ok, I think it's a problem with m router (ADB VV5822) that looks for the DNS address in the internet, not in my local network.

Edit: I solved the problem by disabling DHCP in my router and enabling it in Pi Hole.