DNS Check via webinterfaces

On desktop-view there is a little space on top in the middle for a "search-field". Maybe it is a good idea, to get DNS-Requests by hand there directly, for example to check, if the own name is blocked other reachable...

This is in Tools > Search Adlists. Type in a name and search for an exact or partial match in the adlists or custom blacklists or whitelists.

Yes, but I wanted to have a result like dig (dnsutils)

At this point, I can only search the adlist.

Please clarify what you want to do. Screen captures would be helpful. In this forum, you can post an image directly into your reply.

Like this, but more simple at one line onto the top of the page into the middle, for use directly without any more clicks:


This is just executing dig.
You can do this on the command line.