Discussion about closed software


Key, lock, door and house … rofl
But why are you against offering support via for example WebEx remote desktop ?

Using a new RPi to create a Pihole on an old RPi

I don’t trust such powerful software, especially if it is closed-source and/or offered by a company for free. It is somewhat like you happily install a keylogger on your machine because you like some of its other features. I don not intend to say that this software is a keylogger, but it (and similar software) is in the best position for doing this.

Once again, I mentioned

on which you should base such a decision. Let me tell you that I have not a single closed-source software installed on any of my machines (and I do take care about privacy and also have special requirements from my employers’ side).


@MrD ,
Aha, I get your point.
Bit troublesome trusting all the other closed-source software that you might be running at your place eg. pads, phones and even your washing machine if its hooked up to network.
Even the Pi got some closed-source Broadcom firmware.
But its a worrisome situation that we are in at the moment with allot of the big companies trying to push the limits of what is allowed and or accepted.
Reading up current events where Bose is eavesdropping on your music collection and sells it to a third party.
I like Bose but now makes me think twice if I ever going to purchase from them again.


You might laugh, but do not underestimate my personal level of threat - I do not own any tablets, nor do I (or my wife) plan to buy such devices. Furthermore, we have two proof-of-concept smartphones which run pretty stock vanilla Android. I will never buy any appliances which need network connection - why the heck should my fridge be able to buy stuff on Amazon? Also, I see no benefit if my washing machine can send me a push message. It says it will take X minutes when I push “Start” and I’m still intelligent enough to find out by my own (using only a watch) when I have to go there, again.

P.S.: You might have already smelled it (yeah, you are right concerning the Broadcom firmware) - our Pi-hole is not running on original Raspberry Pi hardware. Furthermore, there will never ever be any smart home equipment entering the house.


I moved the discussion over here (Off-Topic category). I agree with @MrD’s point of view. You should always be aware of what you are doing and never sacrifice security by convenience. Usually, there will be a solution that is both convenient and secure. You might have to change your working methods slightly (like when switching from password to key authentication for SSH), but most often that isn’t too hard and will seamlessly integrate into your workflow over time.


I am not laughing at all as I have seen this thread growing and growing and no end in sight.
And about all the smart devices at home, they make you feel like a slave to the machine at times :wink: