Discourse Feature Request Filtering: open FRs by Votes

Website-FR: Not for pi-hole itself, but rather for this Feature Request website:

One should be able to filter "unresolved" FRs sorted by VOTES. Currently, one can either select "unresolved" or "Votes", but there's no way to see only the open FRs sorted by their "votes ranking".

I was trying to see what's open, and what's most poplular at the same time.

Sideline: I guess "unresolved" is the same as this logic statement:
(NOT implemented OR NOT partially_implemented)
If it's not the same, then I would like to filter for this.

Why am I missing this?: Well, does not make much sense (to me) to filter for "implemented" - great, that's in (for several versions maybe)... didn't miss it, so wouldn't have looked for a FR suggesting it!
But I'm missing this or that, let's see if there's a similar open FR already.

Advanced search also doesn't seem to provide this.


(Click on the category Feature Requests - Pi-hole Userspace then Votes to sort by votes then filter with unsolved.)

And if seeing the subcategories really bothers you then you can also filter out subcategories with the None filter


Edit: I'm procrastinating today:


Thanks for that Dan.
What irritated (and still irritates) me is that when you
1- select "Votes" and then
2- afterwards select "unsolved",
3- the highlight on the right changes from "Votes" back to "Latest"
(even though it appears the sort order is still by "votes").

Also, if one works left-to-right() and first selects "unsolved" and then switches to "Votes", then the "unsolved" filter is lost.
): as one would to intuitively exploring what each filter drop-down means/offers, and as one can't know it won't work if the combination is clicked together in this sequence

Not straight forward (to me) :wink: I would expect each filter clicked to remain, showing what was selected for it. Until I change the filters or re-set them / reload the page.

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