Discord Webhooks (notifications)

It would be interesting to receive daily (or setup) log notification information via Discord Webhook. I know there are other notification applications, but seems that Discord is well used for such.

What should these webhooks contain? Like your entire log content? Or only triggered when something unusual happens? Or when your settings changed?

In my impression, this is something outside of the scope of the Pi-hole main project and something that should be implemented externally. Both because all the data you need for this is reachable from the Pi-hole API and tearing into Discord is selecting (arbitrarily) one service and putting some support load burden on the developers.

Much like you can add a recursive resolver (unbound) or DNS-over-HTTTP to Pi-hole, this should be done in a similar way by a third-party application that is easier to maintain independently.

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Why should this be built-in to the Pi-hole software and not done as a user modification?

Daily: Total Queries, Queries Blocked, Percent Blocked

The same information we can already get from PiHole by requesting it; knowing PiHole has the data, but many times the systems that are running PiHole (Rapsberry Pi) have limited RAM (1GB typical), and the user is not able to get many days of 'Long-term data', as the php.ini default to 64M or 128M depending on the Debian install.

I edited mine to 768M and the most I have been able to get was 17 days; image.

Is there a place for PiHole to communicate via Webhooks? Maybe I am missing something!

You can grab those info easily directly from the database via Sql.

No, but we offer a lot of ways to get the data. Once through the Pi-hole API, second through direct queries to the long-term database (as said by @yubiuser).