Different password for Add to Whitelist password

It would be great if I could have a different non-admin password to provide to users to add a website to a whitelist when the page appears in the browser.
Even better would be if i could have one time passwords which allow the user to add just one website to the whitelist.

I assign @WaLLy3K to this thread for having a look when he finds the time. He is the blocking page master.

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The block page hooks into Web Interface features via JS, so it's not really something you'd need to add to the Block Page, really. Between @dl6er working on FTLDNS and @mcat12 working on the successor to the Web Interface, I realistically don't feel we'd have much time to implement such a feature. However, votes are often known to change our mind!

I can totally see why it can be useful though! As a "low-tech" workaround, I'd look into removing the password from the Web Interface (to allow people to click-to-whitelist from the Block Page), and then use lighttpd to password protect the /var/www/html/admin directory. Guides can be found here and here, but would need to be adapted slightly to fit your needs.

I hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Closing as duplicate in favor of

because it is basically a request for mult-user interface with defined permissions (allow only add to whitelist).

This will release votes. If you still support this request, please vote over there.