Difference in layout and view (bars, status indicators)

So, I was updating my both raspberry pi’s (3b and the first one with 256Mb Ram). The 3b ist the main DNS server and the other one is a backup DNS if the other raspberry will fail anytime so I can switch fast.

After upgrading both raspberries the layout of the bars and the status indicators is different and I can’t tell why this is.

Currently I am using the backup-raspberry as the main unit to test the v5.0. So this one hast the main work to do for now. But because the beta was working quite good, now I want to switch to the newer raspberry.

1st gen raspberry PI (Backup-Unit) with testing 5.0 for about 1-2 weeks

raspberry pi 3b, which now will be used after the testing of stability was quite good.

As you can see the difference is quite significant. For me, the layout with the bars is better that the “curved” one. Is there any setting for this, is it a bug or an automatically switching due to performance reasons for old devices?

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You’ve almost explained it yourself:
You are seeing the difference between v5 (bars) and v4 (curves).

I am not aware of an option to choose queries graph layout (maybe @DL6ER is), but assume once v5 is out, bar layout will be used.

I am, there is none. The new design seems a lot clearer and I implemented this as it is actually also the correct representation: DNS queries are discrete, not a continuous quantity.

Yeah, that’s understandable, but both raspberry pies have the same versions installed. Both are working with v5.0 and the exact same builds for FTL, Web-Interface and Core.

Please try force-refreshing your browser’s cache (typically achieved by [Ctrl]+[F5]).

It’s likely your browser still cached the old graph configuration on one of your Pi’s. This would also explain the color-less icons on the top left.

seems to work kind of. Bars are now bars and not curves, but the status is still white. I’m going to restart everything in about an hour and will post an update.

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Everything works now. Thanks all!