DHCP Settings on Router


Have always used the DHCP server on my router but want to use PiHole's DHCP server.

Do I have to point my router to Pi-Hole address or is the fact the router is the gateway sufficient?

Appreciate I do have to disable the DHCP server on the router. What handles the ARP then, is that still done by the router?


You just need to set the gateway in the DHCP settings to the router's IP address. Then disable the DHCP on the router. ARP doesn't depend on the router in the way you think (DHCP is not really part of ARP)

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Thank you.

Curious, what is the advantage of Pi-Hole having a DHCP server, most people will use the one incorporated in their Router of Access Point/


Many users actually use the Pi-hole integrated server.

The main advantage is obviously for those who cannot change the DNS server at all in their router as it is locked down by their ISPs (this includes me as well) that the Pi-hole DHCP server will correctly hand out the Pi-hole as DNS server.

Another big advantage is that all DHCP devices will immediately be known by their host names on the Pi-hole. We commonly see posts like

Since I switched to Pi-hole's DHCP server, I see host names everywhere on the dashboard where before there have only been IP addresses. :+1:

Also, you can now easily manage static leases from the dashboard but for most this may not be an advantage as they either don't use static leases (but rely on host names like printer.local instead of some random IP address) or their routers could also do it (mine couldn't).

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Also it made sense to include it as we provide a DNS server and the easiest way to advertise that DNS service to the clients is via DHCP. With the number of routers and different ways to configure DHCP on them it is often just easier to disable DHCP on the router and use one package with one interface to handle both the DNS and the assignment of that server to the clients.


See also

Think you may have sold me here :slight_smile:

This may be an irrelevant question but I've never changed a DHCP server before, is it best to disable router DHCP first then enable Pi-Hole or the other way round? Or does it not make any difference?


Doesnt matter that much.
Its not like they are going to conflict or anything.
Clients try to connect to these DHCP servers through a UDP port 67 broadcast message so when both active, you're not sure which DHCP server gets picked up by the clients.
Just as long as you make sure when finished, only one DHCP server is active in your network.
And the DHCP leases on the clients need to renew to pickup this new DHCP server by either disconnecting & reconnecting network on the clients or reboot them.

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I agree with what @deHakkelaar said. You do it however you like.

You only have to have two things in the end:

  • DHCP server enabled on the Pi-hole, disabled on the router,
  • all devices have to be reconnected (like rebooted) once to get registered with the new DHCP server
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Thank you.