DHCP-Option-6 integration in the GUI

hey all this feature would be useful for me and maybe a few others to be implemented basically for those running two pi holes and cant access manual dns settings on devices and/or routers

basically when the dhcp gives the ip addresses to clients i want it to be able to push more than one dns server.

the way i have found to do this is to enable the dhcp server after editing the 02-pihole-dhcp.conf file and adding the line

dhcp-option=6,, and 45 are both pi holes

if this can be implemented in the gui that would be awesome and would really save others a headache if they had the same issue.


We intentionally do not offer a one-click solution for adding a second Pi-hole through the DHCP settings as we have no way of synchronizing statistics between multiple running DNS servers.

Such a feature is on our long-term to-do list, however, it has somewhat low priority at the moment.

Use Webmin + ISC Dhcp Server :+1:

You get nice gui for the dhcp server.