DHCP errors

Could someone help with these errors?


The two lower ones are expected when you scan for DHCP servers on all interfaces. This is, for instance, done during a pihole -d run and nothing to worry about.

Is the first warning true? Is this the IP address of your Pi-hole? If so, then it may be another device in your network explicitly asking for this address (do you have a static DHCP lease with this address?).

Please ensure your Pi-hole server is running on an address outside your configured DHCP range to avoid IP conflicts which will eventually sabotage your entire local network.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes it is the address for my pi and it has been set to static both in the pi and DHCP in pihole.

It is also outside of the range, the range is 100-249 and this is 57.

Okay, so then this is nothing to worry about, too. Did you configure a static address for your Pi-hole or does it still rely on getting it's address via DHCP?

If the later is true, you should really consider setting a static address as this is required by the standards even when the other configuration may work on some cases, too.

Ah ok, yes it’s set in the net plan as well as in the pinhole admin. Thanks!