Delete me please. I figured it out


I literally installed pi-hole yesterday, May 6, and something on the network is hitting it like crazy.
I’ve blacklisted for now as it has 4840 hits and counting.
I have pi-hole installed on an odroid xu4 running ubuntu 16, so I am also going to ask odroid about the site as well.

Of note, the pi-hole sits behind a pfsense box with pfblocker running, and there is nothing in those logs either, so I am thinking it isn’t a bad site.

Thank you!

What Really Happens On Your Network? Part Seven

You should probably say what the issue was (to help other users that might experience something similar) and what was “calling” that domain.

Domain seems to be a private (personal) domain, not an organisation.


Yes, private address that is an odroid software repository. When I did a whois, I saw it was registered in Brazil which had me concerned. Apparently the owner has a multitude of repositories he hosts for various distros.