Data traffic from Pi-hole host

I just noticed the same thing. I got a notice from Comcast that I was over my data limit this month. Looking through my router logs (Unifi Dream Machine Pro) my pi-hole averaged 5-30 MB of data usage a day until December when it jumped up to 80GB per day being uploaded. I'm going to try taking it offline tonight and see what happens. Any other things I should check and troubleshoot?

Here are the results from my query:

echo ">stats >quit" | nc localhost 4711

domains_being_blocked 1075391
dns_queries_today 190210
ads_blocked_today 3299
ads_percentage_today 1.734399
unique_domains 25448
queries_forwarded 181851
queries_cached 5049
clients_ever_seen 33
unique_clients 21
dns_queries_all_types 190210
reply_NODATA 784
reply_NXDOMAIN 538
reply_CNAME 12487
reply_IP 22784
privacy_level 0
status enabled

Looking forward to learning what's going on here, thank you!

I don't know how you could have 200k queries consume 80GB of data.

I already have 2 factor authentication turned on but just reset my password in case. I need to find the user access logs to see if anything pops up. Looking closer at the unifi logs, the pi-hole used to send and receive approx 24K packets per day. Now, it is sending and receiving approx 98 million packets per day. Gonna keep investigating to see if there is a specific client that is sending those DNS requests to the pi hole. I also took the pihole offline tonight.

You are referring to the Pi-hole host platform, not the Pi-hole software.