Dashy doesn't show all widget-data after pi-hole update

Expected Behaviour:

Dashy should show pi-hole stats
-operating system: Buster
-hardware: Raspbery Pi 3b+

Actual Behaviour:

I use the Dashy Dashboard and use the widgets to show some pi-hole Information there in the browser. It has three pi-hole widgets: stats, traffic, queries. It all worked fine. But since I updated pi-hole yesterday only the queries are displayed.

The stats error message: undefined/undefined
The traffic error message: Expected data was not returned from Pi-Hole and Unable to fetch data

The Dashy Widgets work like that:

Dashy has an inbuild proxy (useProxy: true) which I used to display the data in Dashy. I tried it with and without the proxy.

Maybe someone has an idea?

Suspect it is related to "More API endpoints now require auth" from the announcement for the most recent updates. Not used Dashy so can't be sure.

Contact the developer of Dashy and report the problem. They need to update their software to work with our latest update which expands the API endpoints that need authorization.

Thanks. I will report it on Github.

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