Sorry if I ask a wrong question, but I just saw that my pihole no longer indicates good statistics on the dashboard. It gives me 0.9% blocked requests while in the window at the bottom right we see that in fact it should indicate 39.3% I think ?
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0.9% is over 24h - and you have a huge spike of not-blocked queries between 15:00 and 17:00 (1.933.246 queries total, 16.514 blocked).
39.3% is only for the small time frame you selected with the courser (08:20 - 08:29:59, 131 blocked, 333 not blocked. )

ok thank you, I understand indeed I must have had a problem on my machine, so it should go up gradually tomorrow.
Can I force reset statistics ?

reply for me

cd /etc/pihole
sudo service pihole-FTL stop
sudo mv pihole-FTL.db pihole-FTL.db.old
sudo service pihole-FTL start

Just wait :wink:

The stats use a rolling 24h-interval - after 17:00 local time the mountain will be gone.

Edit: that's also a possible solution :wink:


Why do you want to force reset the statistics? The dashboard is accurately showing the activity over the past 24 hours. This is a rolling display - old data exits from the left and new data enters from the right.

This doesn't just clear the last 24 hours shown on your dashboard, it also has eliminated access to your long term data from the web admin GUI. If you want to look at your long term data, you will have to open the old database now.

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Yes I know, in absolute terms you are right.
But it's a re-installation that I did 3 days ago so I don't lose much.
In fact I wanted to make a docker on my synology, but if we already have a docker in the same ip as host, after we can no longer do one in bridge. This is a warning from Synology support and I haven't find how to work around this problem.