Dashboard does not show queries blocked and percent blocked after update to 5.1.1

Query type, queries answered and client activity are not populated.

Running on Ubuntu 18 lts

Clear your browser's cache.


Thanks, That solved it.

Still need a fix for this problem/issue because "delete your cookies" isn't a solution but a kludge.

I have this behavior following an update from 5.0 -> 5.1.

For the Brave browser, you don't have an option, as unbelievable as this sounds, to remove cookies for a site - you can only remove all cookies. I'm not resetting dozens, if not hundreds, of browser sessions b/c one software house doesn't know how to manage their session cookies.

tl;dr: manage your session and browser storage correctly and there won't be these types of problems. How hard is it to detect a version change and do a session-store purge on restart?

I don't know Bucky, PR a fix for us.

Don't be buttsore b/c you get called out on bad programming practices. I may not be a f/e dev, but I know enough about the f/e to do better session management than what I am seeing here.

Lol... Bucky...

It's a FREE open source project that we do in our free time. Sorry if it doesn't reach your high expectations. I'll refund your purchase price.

Blow it out your ass.

Again, don't be buttsore. +1 for open source and all that - if you don't want to know where the program's bugs and limitations are, then remove the forum and stop taking incident reports. It's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows, you know.

Be a professional: take the critique, improve your code and move on.

Bottom line - session management needs work. Pitter patter.

Bug reports are fine, showing up to be a snarky cockwomble with your first post and not even bothering to read any of the comments and threads doesn't do anything.

Edit: Spoiler Alert, it's fixed in the next version anyways. And no, we don't have a date for that release.

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