Custom dns group for chromecast

Well guy's i wanted to share why it would be verry usefull to have a custom dns per group. cause as i was enjoying some Netflix. I found that my chromecast suddenly rebooted and wouldnt come online until i would allow it to acces the google dns servers ( /

Just while i was happy that i could filter it through my pihole setup. I've succesfully accomplished this by reverting any trafic from my chromecast (udp port 53) to my pihole via my router. I don't feel the need to go into the securrity and/or big brother conversation. I'm just happy that i could use my pihole just to block the ads. so thats all the reason i need for using my pihole.

I've tried a bunch of stuff but all the sudden Google is really set on having access to their own DNS servers. So what i would ideally do is create a group for my chromecast devices and have them revert to the Google dns servers. While the others use my ISP dns or what ever other one you would choose. Yet i'm unable to do so, so the in between solution that i've come up with is adding a secondairy pihole to my network, just for the utilization of the chromecasts. I've configured this one fore the sole purpose of the chromecast. I was lucky that i had some additional hardware laying around, but this is ofcourse less then ideal. as it now is consuming additional power and claiming my device.

So it would be realy great if you could assign a custom dns per client and/or group.

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