Custom block page is not working with v5.0

Custom block page is not working with v5.0

Please provide more information.

It simply times out , no custom page is displayed . I'm using the instructions provided as is . and using the IP blocking mode. Its on a throw away AWS machine
testing : blacklisted and for testing
On Safari : "Failed tot Open Page" generic message
On Chrome :

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


  • Checking the connection
  • Checking the proxy and the firewall


Is it publicly accessibly? Or behind a VPN?

Please provide a debug token - generated with pihole -d or via the web interface.

You should also be aware that the blocking page will only work for HTTP.

Increasing proliferation of HTTPS has been a main reason for Pi-hole to switch to NULL blocking as default.

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I switched to NULL blocking , that only sped up the resolving to a site can't be reached error . still no block page got displayed

NULL disables the block page.

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