Create local DNS-Request

Hey Guys, i got a beginner question.

I installed my Pi-hole several weeks ago and everything works fine.
I am currently working on adding some custom local DNS entries for different situations.

For example i want my NAS to be reachable with the chosen DNS local address:

  • ping ares.local ->
    I added a local DNS record on the WebGUI of my Pi-hole, but i seems not to work.

Neither on my windows machine (which has the Pi-hole as DNS) or on the Pi-hole itself it wont resolv the name correctly.

Can someone help me ?
I am not really confidant with DNS records, so maybe i just did some stupid beginner mistake...
Or do the different subnets cause some issues ?
The Subnets 101 and 102 are connected via VPN.

debug token: xk9rseheab

Don't use .local as your local domain name - that's already taken by the mDNS protocol.

From your screenshots, I'd guess that the correct local FQDN would be
Depending on your configuration, you may have to define both entries (ares and when using Pi-hole's Local DNS Records, or just define that name in your Fritzbox instead.

Thanks for your advice.
I just used the FQDN ares and everything works as it supposed to do.

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