Core count hovering around 1.2 with Pi-hole on DiskStation DS214SE (single-core)

I'm also receiving constant warnings that "Long-term load (15min avg) larger than number of processors". It hovers just above the 1.0 processors in the server. Is it time to upgrade my hardware?

Where exactly are these different warnings being displayed? How have you got Pi-hole installed on your DS214? That model has 512MB memory and a Marvell Armada XP processor.

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Hi Chris, the "poor network" message is in the router interface and the "long term load" message started showing in pi-hole after one of the recent updates. Pi-hole was initially installed via this aging tutorial years ago: How do I install Pi-hole on a Synology NAS?

According to Synology, that unit has a "Dual Core CPU with Floating-Point Unit".

More than you will likely want to know about Linux load averages. In your case, load is 1 but you have two cores, so this should not present any problems.

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Thanks for the info! It turns out I had to set the WAN DNS on the router to an external DNS address, so I chose CloudFlare.

Everything is working now on the 214se (sorry for the bad info previously), which is a single core afaik Synology DiskStation DS214se Review - The core count in the pi-hole warning shows 1.2.

The only other tiny issue is it says "Detected 0 cores" in the Status section.

That's even more impressive, that has an Armada 370 single core and 256MB DDR3 memory. I've got the 215j here which has a bump up to 375 dual core and 512MB. Not installed Pi-hole on it but it's tempting to try now.

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