Continued issues Windows 10 Docker install

Expected Behaviour: Quick web surfcing and DNS resolution

Actual Behaviour:

update: on the windows machine that is hosting the docker, I changed the DNS to my router IP, then set router DNS IP to the static of the windows machine that is running Docker. I don't know if that is right or not, but I was able to get logs uploaded and am surfing the web without any issue so far. Should I be setting it to the IP of the virutal adapter docker is using and not the windows IP? Maybe I was try that tomorrow.

Web browsing was very slow. Took multiple refreshes to reach site, did a reinstall following the instructions on Install Pi-hole on Windows 10 and live ad-free forever | Andrew Denty same problem. All computers get no internet connection when I set it to auto set DNS. I've verified router is set to the correct static IP for DNS. I have to change the adapter on my computer to to get any internet to work. I've tried both and under dns in the install script. When I do I keep getting a rate limiting error. I now realize I have no idea what I am doing. Please help ]

Debug Token:

I tried to upload the log, but it say that url: (6) Could not resolve host: The majority of the errors I see are Failed to resolve via a remote, public DNS server (

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