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Updated to the 5.0 branch, and I still see the same issue where or redirects to ww.<website-name>.

Also is the web UI supposed to look like this?

No, it is not. Have you cleared the browser cache and reloaded the page?

Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

If you want the "ww" prefixed domain blocked, then you will need to add that as a blocked domain or fashion a regex to block it. However, when you do that with this particular site, the site will not load (at least it did not for me). So, it appears that you either accept their ads or not visit the site, if Pi-Hole is the only ad-blocker in use.

When I enabled uBlock Origin (Chrome Mac browser) on that site (with no manual changes to uBO code), the ads were no longer displayed.

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I imagine a lot of websites will use this "trick" to mitigate DNS-based ad-blockers. RSS ftw!

I've decided to go back to stable for the time being.

Do you know if its possible to remove the /admin from the web UI URL?

I do not. I am not that handy with html coding. The code of interest is here:

This is caused by the web interface being present at /var/www/html/admin whereas /var/www/html would be the web root. You may get what you want by moving everything one level down, however, I can give no guarantees that this will work. It can easily be undone, though, so you might simply want to try it.

As for the

issue ... is this really a issue? I tried the first website and, yes, it redirects to the ww... domain, however, I see only one or two ads on this page. And I use zero plugins in my Firefox browser.

Well the point of an ad-blocker is to not see any ads at all :slight_smile: . I subbed to YT premium the moment it became available in my country. No regrets at all.

Don't go to that site. They've stated that they will use what ever means necessary to monetize you and to track you. If you feel their content is worth the cost then support them and whitelist them to let them do what they want. If you think they are being shady then stop going to their site.

wait for real?

Their actions are pretty well showing you that.

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Ah that clears it up. Thank you.

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Attempting to open with Pi-hole gives this error lol

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